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The work described in this paper has been developed within the European project AURORA (101004291), and the project OAPES-CM (478 Y2020/NMT-6427). We would like to acknowledge the financial support of the European Union's H2020 R+I programme, and the Comunidad de Madrid (Spain) Proyectos Sinergicos de I+D plan, as well as the collaboration with the partners in both projects. The authors are indebted to the Horizon 2020 IOD/IOV Programme of the European Union that funded the UPMSat-2 launch.

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De Miguel, MaAutor o CoautorZurera, JAutor o CoautorPerez, AgAutor o CoautorAlonso, AAutor o CoautorZamorano, JAutor o CoautorDe La Puente, JaAutor o Coautor
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Extension of the Modeling Tool Suite for Development of Embedded Systems for the Space Domain

Publicado en:Ifac-Papersonline. 55 (4): 286-291 - 2022-01-01 55(4), doi: 10.1016/j.ifacol.2022.06.047

De Miguel, Ma; Zurera, J; Perez, Ag; Alonso, A; Zamorano, J; De La Puente, Ja;


101004291 European project AURORA - Financiador
101004291 European Union's H2020 R+I programme - Financiador
101004291 Horizon 2020 IOD/IOV Programme of the European Union - Financiador
17th IFAC Conference on Programmable Devices and Embedded Systems (PDES) - Sede o Evento
478 Y2020/NMT-6427 Comunidad de Madrid (Spain) Proyectos Sinergicos de I+D plan - Financiador
478 Y2020/NMT-6427 project OAPES-CM - Financiador
Univ Politecn Madrid, ETSI Telecomun, Ciudad Univ, Madrid, Spain - Autor o Coautor
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Resúmen: As code complexity continues to increase, software development methods must support the handling of this complexity and reduce development failures. Model-based systems engineering (MBSE) is a modeling-centered development method that provides support to maintain consistency of different phases of the life cycle. Automatic code generation tools were created to reuse software solutions and design patterns and reduce development errors in the software development process, based on automatic model transformations and code generators. However, the use of these tools requires their adaptation to specific platforms and domains since tools only support certain functionalities. What determines how to approach the design of the system are the functionalities provided by the tools available rather than the user needs. In this paper, we propose a way to extend the elements supported by modelling tool suites for real-time embedded systems for the space domain. This enables developers to have greater flexibility by allowing them to modify their tool suite to fit their needs.

Palabras clave: Automatic code; Automatic code generation; Embedded software; Generationtaste; Mbse; Real-time systems; Reliable systems; Taste

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